All guest appearances are subject to change or cancellation.
No photographs at tables, unless otherwise noted.
Autographs are cash only, unless otherwise noted.
If any group photo-ops are planned, the schedules, fees, and participants will be noted. Many will not be known until closer to the event.

Guest Autograph Price Professional Photo-Op Price Photo at Table Days Appearing Notes
Caroline Blakiston TBA $50 TBA Fri/Sat/Sun
David Bradley $50 $60 $50 TBA $80 for autograph/table selfie combo
Cary Elwes $50 Table photos ONLY, except Princess Bride Photo-op $40 Sat/Sun $80 Princess Bride Photo-op with Wallace Shawn
Julian Glover TBA $40 TBA Sat/Sun
Jason Isaacs $60 $80 Professional photos ONLY Sat/Sun
Bret Iwan $30 $25 Sat/Sun $50 for autograph/table selfie combo
John Ratzenberger TBA $40 Professional photos ONLY Sat/Sun
Wallace Shawn $40 $50 $30 Sat/Sun $80 Princess Bride Photo-op with Cary Elwes
Natalia Tena TBA TBA TBA TBA
Daphne Zuniga $40 $40 $30 Sat/Sun
$ $ $
$ $ $
$ $ $