As guests are finalized and announced, details for their fees for autographs and photo-ops will be posted below. Details are subject to change at the discretion of the guest, so all postings may not be final.

Additional details maybe added for prior announced guests as more guests are announced.

Professional photo-ops (unless otherwise noted) are available for purchase through Celeb Photo Ops. Orders may be placed here:

Photo ops that are part of specific packages such as the NikolajCoster-Waldau Experience Package are ordered through the Cincinnati Comic Expo, but will be scheduled by Celeb Photo Ops.

Guest Days Attending Autograph Pro Photo Op Selfie Note
Manu Bennett Fri/Sat/Sun $50 $50
Michael Bell Fri/Sat/Sun $25 $25 $40 auto/selfie combo
Camren Bicondova Sat/Sun $40 $50 $30
Paul Blake Fri/Sat/Sun $40 $60 $40
LeVar Burton Sat/Sun $50 $50 $30 $70 auto/selfie combo
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Fri/Sat/Sun $80 $80 No click here for Nikolaj Experience Package
Charlet Chung Fri/Sat $40 $60 $40 $35 selfie with any purchase
Cary Elwes Sat/Sun $50 No $40
Summer Glau Sat/Sun $40 $50 $40
Clark Gregg Sat $70 $90 No click here for Clark Autograph Package
Charles Martinet Fri/Sat/Sun $40 TBA
Peter Mayhew Fri/Sat/Sun $50 $60 $40 $70 auto/selfie combo
Mary McDonald-Lewis Fri/Sat/Sun $20 $20 $30 auto/selfie combo
Bill Ratner Fri/Sat/Sun See Note Will provide 2 autographs at no charge. Additional autographs can be purchased at the table of Mary McDonald-Lewis.
Sean Schemmel Fri/Sat/Sun $30 $30 $50 auto/selfie combo
Karl Urban Sat/Sun $60 $60 $50 $100 auto/selfie combo
Benedict Wong Sat/Sun $50 $60 $30
William Zabka Fri/Sat/Sun $40 $50 $40 $60 auto/selfie combo