The Clark Gregg Autograph Package does NOT include admission to the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Admission must be purchased separately.

You can order and purchase the package here:

Clark Gregg Autograph Package: $90, plus fees.

This package includes one autograph, priority line access for the autograph, a special commemorative Clark Gregg badge, and priority seating at the Clark Gregg panel on Saturday in the Queen City Panel Room at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Unless there is a minor that cannot be left unattended, the only people allowed in the priority access autograph line are those with the specialty package badge.

PLEASE NOTE: This package does NOT include admission to convention. The admission will have a separate credential, which also must also be worn. Stay tuned to the Cincinnati Comic Expo media guest page and photo ops page for more details, including exact times for the autograph and photo-op sessions.

Purchasers will pick up the badge and autograph ticket at Will Call.

Clark Gregg

May I provide my own item to be signed by Clark?

Yes, you may provide an item for Clark to sign. If you do not have an item, Clark will have 8×10 photographs available to autograph for you.

If I did not purchase a package, will I have the opportunity to purchase an autograph with Clark?

The short answer is yes, we hope so.

It will depend a bit on Clark’s availability and time commitments. Clark is only appearing for a single day. He will be doing a panel sessions, plus autographs, and photo-ops in just a few hours. The fans with the package will have first priority to get his autograph. If those fans have been through the line, then others will be allowed to approach his booth for a signature.

If I purchase a package, and wish to attend the panel session, may I have my spouse or child sit with me in the priority seating of the panel room even if they have not purchased a package?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone other than the Package pass holder (unless medically required) in the priority seating at the panel.

If I purchase a VIP admission package, but I do not purchase a Clark Gregg Autograph Package, can I still attend the panel?

Possibly. In other panels, holders of these passes would have priority seating. For Clark, we give priority to the Package pass holders. Then, any remaining seats will be offered to VIP pass holders in line. In more seats remain open those 2 groups have been seated, then they will be offered to those with general admission.

What if I have more than 1 item I want signed by Clark? How do I get those signed?

The Clark Gregg Autograph Package is available and includes 1 autograph. The buyer will receive 1 ticket at Will Call. The holder can then purchase additional autographs/signatures at Clark’s booth.

I have purchased the Package, how do I collect the badge and tickets?

As with admission, you will redeem your purchase at Will Call. You will present your QR code or printout at Will Call to be scanned. The staff at Will Call will give you the commemorative collector badge as well as a ticket for the autograph. You cannot lose this ticket or badge. After they have been turned over to you, they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Product Disclaimer

Cincinnati Comic Expo terms and conditions: Purchase, acceptance and use of this package signifies the following:

Event credentials cannot be replaced if stolen, lost or destroyed, and is valid only for the day(s) for which it is issued.

Event credentials are not redeemable for cash.  If a credential includes a wrist band, the wrist band may not be removed during its period of use.

Reproduction of event credential is not permitted.

Unauthorized or unlawful resale or attempted resale of event credentials is prohibited by law and grounds for seizure without compensation.

Management reserves the right to revoke or refuse admission, or to eject any person, who fails to comply with the rules of the show/venue, and all applicable laws, without refund.

In the event that Clark is not able to appear, then the package will be refunded to the buyer.

Credential holder assumes all risk and danger of personal injury, damage to property, including death, and all other hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the event for which the credential is issued, caused by negligence, gross negligence or otherwise, and the holder releases Cincinnati Comic Expo, its owner, employees agents and assigns, from any and all liabilities/claims resulting from such risks, danger, damage, injury or death.

Credential holder consents to use of his/her image or likeness by media now known or hereafter devised, for advertising, sale and/or other promotional purposes.

Credential holder agrees not to take photographs or video where posted as prohibited.

Please note that Cincinnati Comic Expo is a zero tolerance zone for harassment.