Join the Steve Jackson Games Men In Black (MIB) group again this year at the Expo!

Thanks to the Cincinnati Comic Expo, we are setting up in a designated gaming room, Room 206 – next to the Queen City Panel Room!

Also, Saturday we will be open until Midnight for your Munchkin gaming madness!

Check out our schedule of events, including our raffles each day:  Play or demo a game, get a raffle ticket!  You must be present to win! Who knows what we’ll give away?!

We will also have MIBs available to teach or set up any of our games, whether they are on the schedule or not…the many “flavors” of Munchkin; Castellan castle building game; Bill and Ted’s Excellent Boardgame; Mars Attacks! Dice Game; Munchkin Panic; Zombie Dice; and more…

Oh, yes, and Swag!  Promos, our special bookmarks (they give in-game cheating – er, bonuses!), and a few items from the booth at Gen Con are in the mix.

Also, just to be clear, all gaming is no cost – it is included with your  Cincinnati Comic Expo Badge!


3:00   Doors Open!  Open Gaming All Day!

3:30   Munchkin Shakespeare

Dice Games and Open Demos

4:00   More Dice Games and Open Demos

5:00   Munchkin: Learn To Play

6:00   Star Munchkin

6:30   Munchkin Zombies

7:00   RAFFLE!!

8:00   Doors Close – Come back tomorrow!


10:00 Doors Open! Play Games!  Open Gaming All Day!

*Super Munchkin/Guest Artist Edition

10:30 Munchkin Zombies

11:00 Munchkin Cthulhu

1:30   Munchkin Bites


*Munchkin Cthulhu

2:30   Munchkin Steampunk

3:30   Star Munchkin

5:00   Chez Geek

5:30   Learn To Play Munchkin

6:30   Munchkin Marvel

7:00   Dice Games and Open Demos

7:30   More Dice Games, and More Open Demos

8:30   SECOND RAFFLE!! Oh, no, the Hall is closed – but the Game Room is Still OPEN!!!

9:00   Star Munchkin

*Munchkin Moops

*Munchkin Guest Artist Edition

*Play games – open gaming and open demos!!

Midnight – Sorry, doors must be locked for the night.  Come back Sunday!


10:00 Doors open:  Let Loose the Hounds of Gaming! Open Gaming All Day!

10:30 Dice Games and Open Demos

11:00 Learn To Play Munchkin

12:00 Ghosts Love Candy

*Munchkin Cthulhu

1:00   Munchkin Steampunk

2:00   Learn To Play Munchkin

*Munchkin Zombies

2:30   The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin

3:00   Munchkin Shakespeare (NEW)


3:30   Kids Games and Open Demos

5:00   The Expo is over.  Come back next year!  And look for the Cincinnati Area MIBs at your local games stores and Conventions!