If you are attending the Geek Prom, we want to invite you to enter the Room of Requirement!

The Room of Requirement is an add-on pass available for fans attending the 2017 Geek Prom: A Night of Muggle Magic!

The Room of Requirement is extremely limited in availability.

Admission to the Geek Prom or a VIP pass that has Geek Prom admission included is required to purchase the Room of Requirement Pass! You MUST have one of those 2 admissions to be eligible to enter the Room of Requirement!

The Room of Requirement will be a space next to the Geek Prom. There will be private seating as well as a private bar, bartender inside, and free cola drinks. That’s right, members of the Room of Requirement will have their own bartender, with complimentary soda, and a cash bar, for all other drinks, to go to and possibly avoid any lines that exist in the Geek Prom.

The Room of Requirement also includes refreshments to those with the pass. Complimentary appetizers are provided to its members. The menu includes beef slider sandwiches, chicken sate wantons, vegetarian spring rolls, and a variety of snacks including fruit trees, veggie platters, and more.

Patrons will also receive a complimentary raffle ticket. More chances will be available for sale at the designated space.

Members will receive a limited edition ceramic goblet from Grey Fox Pottery. The same one being promoted online available at the Geek Prom. The Room of Requirement deal will automatically get you one of these collectible mugs. Each package also includes a bottle of the exclusive limited ButterBier, Butter Cake flavored soda.

Finally, you can then leave with a swag bag! Room of Requirement members will get a re-usable swag bag with various items inside, such as a collective print by Andrew Heath, a piece of themed soap from The Fangirl’s Attic, a collectible event patch, and a collectible pin.

Not many of these passes exist and this opportunity is extremely limited to enjoy the Geek Prom and grab some collectible pieces!

Order your Room of Requirement add-on by visiting https://register.growtix.com/e/2017_cincinnati_comic_expo. The option is under “2017 Cincinnati Comic Expo Extras.”

““…we and our guests gather in the great hall for an evening of well mannered frivolity…to dance is to let the body breath. Inside every girl, a secret swan slumbers longing to burst forth and take flight. Inside every boy, a lordly lion prepared to prance.” – Professor McGonagall