Eric Vale

Media Guest

"Goku isn't the only Super Saiyan... There's another one right here!"

Voice actor Eric Vale is the newest addition to the guest lineup for the 2020 Cincinnati Comic Expo!

Eric is the voice of the World Tournament Announcer throughout the whole Dragon Ball series, Future Trunks, adult Trunks, and many more. He is also credited for voicing in projects such as One Piece, Fruits Basket, and Fullmetal Alchemist. He has also voiced in D-Gray-man, Desert Punk, School Rumble, Nabari no Ō, Hetalia: Axis Powers, My Hero Academia, and numerous of other shows, video games, and films. He was also a producer for Indefinitely and Interstate, and screenplay writer for The Rialto.

Get your admission tickets to the 2020 Cincinnati Comic Expo all weekend long for an opportunity to get an autograph and photo with Eric:

DAYS APPEARING: Friday, Saturday & Sunday





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