Timothy Zahn

Bestselling Author

Author Timothy Zahn will be a guest this year at the 2020 Cincinnati Comic Expo!

Timothy Zahn is well known for his Star Wars novels, including the Thrawn trilogy (New York Times best sellers), The Hand of Thrawn duology, Outbound Flight, Choices of One, and Star Wars: Thrawn.

His latest books are Star Wars: Thrawn: Treason; Knight: Sibyl’s War Book 2; and A Call to Vengeance, the third of the Manticore Ascendant series with David Weber and Thomas Pope.

His Upcoming books include Queen: Sibyl’s War Book 3, A Call to Insurrection, and Star Wars: Chaos Rising, the first of the Thrawn: Ascendancy trilogy.

Get your tickets to the 2020 Cincinnati Comic Expo for an opportunity to have your favorite book signed by Timothy: https://bit.ly/2SHaOo7

DAYS APPEARING: Friday, Saturday & Sunday



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