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Steve Guttenberg Making Rare Appearance at Cincinnati Comic Expo!
Although Steve Guttenberg is firmly established as the star not only of hit motion pictures but of hit motion picture franchises, his roots are in the theater. As a result, he has moved effortlessly between comedy and drama. In two decades of stardom in both critical and box-office hits, Guttenberg has been the above-the-title star of six films that earned over $100,000,000 in the United States, a feat accomplished by relatively few superstars. He has also starred in four film franchises, appearing in such sequeled smash hits as Cocoon (1985), 3 Men and a Baby (1987), Police Academy (1984), and Short Circuit (1986), taking his films' box-office grosses into the billions. [Read More...]
Josh Blaylock and Devils Due Publishing Lands in Cincinnati Comic Expo
Josh Blaylock is a comic book writer and artist based in Chicago, IL. With nearly 100 comic books published to date, Mercy Sparx and Operation Nemesis are his most recent works. He is the leading force behind Devil’s Due Entertainment, the publisher of several creator-owned comic book titles including Plume, Squarriors, Tales of Mr. Rhee, Solitary, and Blaylock's own Mercy Sparx. Blaylock specializes in a comprehensive approach to publishing that embraces both traditional store distribution with modern crowdfunding and digital technologies to elevate his collective creator network together. [Read More...]
Khoi Pham is coming to the Cincinnati Comic Expo with Deadpool Vs Thanos #1 Exclusive
As Cincinnati Comic Expo 2015 approaches, more details are revealed and confirmed for what will make this year golden for all convention-goers. Brand-new for this year is the Cincinnati Comic Expo 2015 Exclusive variant of the much-anticipated Deadpool vs Thanos #1 book. This marks the Cincinnati comic Expo’s first team-up for an exclusive Marvel book, featuring the artwork of Khoi Pham. Fans can even have their books signed by the artist, who will be present at the convention as a special guest. [Read More...]