GuestDays AppearingAutograph PriceTable Selfie Price (if
Pro Photo Op Price (if
Alyson Leigh RosenfeldSat/Sun$20$20 $30 auto/selfie combo; $10
buttons, postcards, and playing cards; $20 buttons, postcards, playing cards
and selfie combo
Austin St JohnFri/Sat/Sun$50$50$70add $25 character quote on signed item; $80 auto/selfie combo; $75 voicemail (audio) recording; $100 video shoutout
Christopher SabatSun$50$50 $80 auto/selfie combo; add $10 character quote on signed item
Felicia DayFri/Sat/Sun$60$30$60$80 auto/selfie combo
Francois ChauFri/Sat/Sun$40$40$60$60 auto/selfie combo; $40 voice recording
Alan OppenheimerSat/Sun$80$40$60$100 auto/selfie combo
John BarrowmanFri/Sat/Sun$40$40$70$60 auto/selfie combo
Keone YoungFri/Sat/Sun$40$40$60$60 auto/selfie combo; $40 voice recording
Matt LanterSat/Sun$80$60$80$120 auto/selfie combo
Sam WitwerSat/Sun$50$50$70 
Tracy Lynn CruzFri/Sat/Sun$40$40$60$60 auto/selfie combo
Katie CassidySat/Sun$50$40$70 
Jodi Benson Fri/Sat/Sun$60$60$80$100 auto/selfie combo
Stephen Costantino Fri/Sat/Sun$40 $60free selfie with purchase of autograph
Matthew Wood Fri/Sat/Sun$50$50$70add $25 character quote on signed item; $80 auto/selfie combo; $75 voicemail (audio) recording; $100 video shoutout
David AcordFri/Sat/Sun$50$50$70add $25 character quote on signed item; $80 auto/selfie combo
Tom CavanaghSat/Sun$60$30$60$80 auto/selfie combo
Ross MarquandSat/Sun$45$40$60 
Morgan LoftingFri/Sat/Sun$40$40$60$60 auto/selfie combo; $40 voice recording
Sean SchemmelFri/Sat/Sun$40$40 
auto/selfie combo
Irene BedardFri/Sat$40/$50$30$50$40 auto on 8×10 photos; $50 auto on other items; $40 voice recording; $60 photo auto/selfie combo
David J. FeldingFri/Sat/Sun$40$40$60$60 auto/selfie combo

As guests are finalized and announced, details for their fees for autographs and photo-ops will be posted below. Details are subject to change at the discretion of the guest, so all postings may not be final.

Additional details maybe added for prior announced guests as more guests are announced.

Professional photo-ops (unless otherwise noted) are available for purchase through Celeb Photo Ops. Orders may be placed by  – coming soon

A schedule of professional photo ops is available here by – coming soon