This year, the expo is held on September 11-13, 2020.

September 11, 2020

3 p.m. – 8 p.m. / 2 p.m. (VIP ENTRY)

September 12, 2020

10 a.m. – 7 p.m. / 9:30 a.m. (VIP ENTRY)

September 11, 2020

10 a.m. – 5 p.m. / 9:30 a.m. (VIP ENTRY)

No, you do not need to order special tickets or passes. There are extra fees by each guest for an autograph or photo or combination of both. Each guest will set their own fees and rates. Most guests will accept cash only at their table (unless otherwise noted). When we have those fees, we will have them posted and shared for everyone so you may plan ahead accordingly. Photo-ops will be available in advance for purchase through Celeb Photo-Ops.

The Cincinnati Comic Expo is being held in Halls A, B, and C of the Duke Energy Convention Center. Panels and other events will be in conference rooms on the second floor.

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The convention center has multiple parking garages connected to it. Parking fees vary. Parking is also available at the hotels in the immediate vicinity of the convention center. Those parking fees vary as well. Feel free to check the Duke Energy website for specifics on parking garages, parking lots, and metered street spaces:

We at the Cincinnati Comic Expo want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable time. To ensure that everyone has a good time, security and safety have become of paramount importance to all. The following security plan is being put in place with the cooperation, participation, and oversight of the Duke Energy Convention Center and Cincinnati Police Department. The following process and plan are not negotiable and without exemption. It will be enforced by Duke Energy Convention security and Cincinnati Police Department. We are sharing the details now so you may plan accordingly with where to go and to give yourself ample time to get there.

-All attendees (VIP badge holders, weekend admission, single day admission, and Geek Prom) may only enter the Duke Energy Convention Center at the 2 entrances at 5th St and Central Ave. One entry is on the Central Ave side. One entry is on the 5th St side. The entrances on the skywalks from nearby hotels and parking garages will be locked and closed. The entrance at 5th St and Elm St will also be closed to anyone bearing admission to the Expo.

-If you are a Volunteer or Exhibitor arriving before the doors open, then you will enter at the Security Entrance on 6th St near the loading dock. (More specific details will be sent to you in your welcome/preview kit.)

-The 5th St and Central Ave entrances will open at 12:00pm on Friday and 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday. Fans may line up outside before those times, but will not be allowed entry into the building.

-Depending on props, costumes, and bags in your possession, the security detail (operated by Duke Energy Convention Center and Cincinnati Police Dept) will search, conduct a check, and use portable as well as walkthrough magnetometers (metal detectors). The security detail will enforce the Cincinnati Municipal Code and Comic Expo Weapons Policy. See Convention Center personnel will be outside the building to direct you and instruct you into proper lines and searches to properly secure everyone in a quickly manner. They will be looking at 3 main groupings:
–Fans with no bags and no props.
–Fans with bags.
–Fans with props.
The personnel at the entry also have authority and decision over any items not covered in the policy or other questionable items. Plan accordingly with your schedule to go throughout this process.

-Owners of banned items or items that violate the policies will be turned away. You can take the item home or place it in your vehicle. The security will not provide a hold for items of that nature. You can then return without the item.

-After being cleared to enter the building, fans will want to enter Hall C, which will be located directly across from the building entrance. Hall C will contain Admissions (cash and credit card), Will Call, and line queues for fans to line up to enter the main showfloor.

-You will enter your appropriate line (cash/credit card admission, Will Call, or VIP). VIP is a Will Call line dedicated to those that purchased the VIP pass. You will be given your badge or wristband. Then, you will be directed to line up in you designated entry. VIPs will be directed to the left (for early entry) and everyone else (weekend and single day pass holders) will be directed to the right. If you are a VIP or weekend pass holder returning on a following day, you may line up in your designated area after entry into the hall.

-If you have entry and are a smoker, a smoking deck is located on the 3rd floor of the building. It is located on the 5th St side of the building, to the left at the top of the escalators.

-If you have exited the building through another doorway, re-entry may only occur at the same entrances at 5th St and Central Ave.

Unless noted, guests will be at their assigned booth for the duration of the day to sign autographs, meet fans, and pose for selfies. Over the course of the day though, many guests will need a break or take an hour for lunch. We will try to work with them as much as possible to format a schedule in advance. Otherwise, plan of them being at their tables at the start of the show through the day until the end of the show, or they determine they are finished for the day, or have arrangements to depart early.

Guests will have 8×10 photos that they will sign for you. If they have merchandise, they may have that on hand too. Guests will also sign items that you can bring yourself, such as comics, DVDs/Blu-Rays, toys, posters, etc. As long as the items follows our Weapons Policy, you may ask a guest to sign it. Guests do reserve the right to not sign an item.

Tickets can be purchased here: Get Tickets.

Please see the most up to date ticket options by clicking here.

No. After you purchase your tickets, you will receive an email with a pdf e-ticket attached. Print out this ticket and bring it to Will Call at the show for admittance! We’ll have a desk set aside specifically for people who pre-register, so the line will move fast. The Will Call will be open starting at TBA on Friday, September 11th, and TBA on Saturday, September 12th, and Sunday, September 13th.

Yes, we have handicap seating. The Duke Energy Convention Center is completely handicap accessible. Our aisles on the show floor are wide to have access for everyone. The panel rooms have ample room at the front for anyone in wheelchairs. We have panel room monitors to be sure that space is free and available for those that need them. Other patrons have chosen outside aisle seats, so they were not as close to the front.

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