The Latest Updates on Our COVID-19 POLICIES

In light of the COVID-19 situation, there are expected to be some changes in designs, policies, or a difference in how things are run from previous Cincinnati Comic Expo events.

In conjunction with the CDC, the state of Ohio, Hamilton County, the City of Cincinnati, the Duke Energy Convention, individual guests, and other entities, we have all changes and policies posted here.

This will inform you as well as allow you to prepare safely for the Expo. At time and the situation develops, we will have the rules, health directives, and other policies posted here for how the attendees can enjoy the Expo in today’s environment.

At this time, in the current environment, masks will be required for every attendee, guest, vendor, volunteer, and patron at the 2021 Cincinnati Comic Expo over the age of 2, regardless of vaccination status. This regulation covers every Cincinnati Comic Expo event inside the Duke Energy Convention Center. 
Vaccinations are not required nor will records be requested. 
No medical exemptions allowed.
Attendees are required to supply their own mask. Masks will not be available at the entry. Unmasked or improperly masked individuals may be turned away at the entrance by convention center security personnel. Unmasked or improperly masked individuals on the showfloor are subject to removal of the event without a refund.
A mask and proper facial covering is following the definition set by the CDC. 
Social distancing is to be self-monitored while attending the event. This includes the space on the showfloor, seating in panel rooms, lines, and elsewhere.
Masks will be allowed to be removed for eating, drinking, taking medication in the food court seating areas or private rooms only. Some temporary mask removal will be allowed in the case of photo ops. Exhibitors may consume food and beverage, but only while being located behind their table. 
Circumstances and protocols may change and the public will be updated of those changes. 
Each celebrity guest will decide what they want to do with photo ops. Celebrity guests will have a barrier or table spacer at each booth for signatures, autographs, and selfies. 
At the pro photo ops, the guest has the option and the final decision if they want a barrier in place or not, if they will require masks up or not, and if they will allow touching or not. We will try to get information posted on the preferences of each guest. Most are already listing their plexi requirement on the photo op purchase page with Celeb Photo Ops. In most cases, when the plexi barrier is in place, they will allow the mask to be dropped for the photo and then the mask is to be replaced. In many cases, selfies will be allowed at the table too, but with the use of distancing and a barrier. Some may not decide until the weekend of the Expo when they see the setup, check local stats, and collect other information before rendering a final decision. We recommend that you should plan on each guest enforcing masks and/or barriers. 
There are no exceptions made to any guests’ policy and what they have in place.
Guests will have pens available for signing. They will not be able to accept or use pens provided by other attendees. A variety of sharpies and paint markers are being sourced for every celebrity guests’ table. A wide selection of colors (white, silver, blue, gold, yellow, orange, green and black) will be available well.
Autograph lines are for fans purchasing autographs and photos only. No meet-n-greets are allowed. 
Again, circumstances may change and regulations could be eased. In the meantime, the health and safety for every attendee, exhibitor, staffer, and guest is paramount. Our goal is to hold a fun and amazing weekend without putting anyone in unnecessary risk.