The Kubert School



PORTFOLIO REVIEWS: Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM / 2 PM to 3 PM
Sunday 11 AM to 12 PM / 2 PM to 3 PM

The Kubert School is offering free portfolio reviews at the 2023 Cincinnati Comic Expo!

-Participants should bring only what they feel is their best work. -Staff from the school at the Kubert School booth will review the work and give an honest critique. -Reviews will only take place from 11am to 12pm and 2pm to 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday. -Participants do not pre-register. They will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

Founded by legendary Comic Artist and Creator, Joe Kubert, The Kubert School is passionate about providing you a truly personalized education, one that stretches the limits of your talents and potential.

With an alumni list that reaches into every facet of the comic and entertainment industry, The Kubert School prides itself on providing a truly personalized education to its students, one that stretches the limits of their talents and potential, so that the graduating student leaves with a developed understanding and an enlarged imagination stirred by an established work ethic, with the passion and drive to be an artist for years to come.

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Get your admission tickets to the 2023 Cincinnati Comic Expo for an opportunity to have a portfolio review.

All guest personalities are booked in advance. However, cancellations or schedule changes happen. THE CINCINNATI COMIC EXPO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR GUEST CANCELLATIONS. If it can happen to Firefly, it can happen to us. ADMISSION TICKET REFUNDS WILL NOT BE OFFERED IN THE EVENT OF A GUEST CANCELLATION. We will refund any Photo Op and/or Autograph tickets associated with the guest purchased.